Software compliance warrants software, not spreadsheets.

First-ever component monitoring system through an easy-to-use dashboard that ensures continuous compliance and accelerates software deployment.
When implementing software for the most mission-critical uses, our systems and data are changing so quickly that we need new ways of verifying the presence or absence of risk with more accuracy and greater speed.
Continuous authorizations are harder because you have to have an ecosystem and a support structure that allows you to see in real-time, understand the system, and get insight into changes — and that ecosystem doesn’t exist inside the DoD.
- DanIEL Holtzman, Authorizing Official (AO), DOD Chief Digital & Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), Office of the Secretary of Defense
Compliance is essential.
We make it easy.
The average software Authorization To Operate (ATO) takes 18 months, costs more than $2 million, and is stale the moment it is granted. This leads to antiquated software and unaddressed vulnerabilities in critical information systems. It is imperative our software systems be scalable, iterable, agile, and fast -- without sacrificing security and compliance.
Simplify the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process by streamlining steps and complexity.
Scale your compliance with reusable components. Know where they impact and implement with confidence.
Monitor your compliance system in real-time and stay on top of what’s needed, when it’s needed.
It can take an estimated 4,200 workforce hours for companies to receive an ATO, with much of the effort due to manual review and transcription of documentation.
- M. Donkin, AWS GovCloud

Through collective categorization and common process, TRACER grows stronger and more efficient every authorization.

Controls are implemented at the component level.
The right controls are passed on to other parts of the system.
New applications or services can easily know which controls to apply and implement them.
The TRACER platform acts as a single source of truth, supporting everything from system categorization and selection, all the way through implementation, assessment, and monitoring - complete with report generation.
Put your mind at ease knowing these key value propositions are continuously delivered.
Replaces manual inputting of documentation, streamlining the authorization process and providing transparency, modularity, and dependency mapping for better decision-making.
Simplifies the understanding of control implementation within system components, facilitates continuous monitoring, and establishes a direct link between system developers and network owners.
Provides a user-friendly interface that guides developers and assessors through the implementation and assessment process, ensuring clarity and accountability.
Merges control, implementation, and assessment information, enabling continuous monitoring and easier setup for ongoing authorizations.
Eliminates manual search and identification of controls related to risk, streamlining the documentation and implementation process.
Built-in functionality enables identification, notification, and tracking of human reviews, as well as tracking and visualization of automated code scanning results, ensuring continuous compliance and network security.
Stay updated on your compliance system by accessing real-time data at the individual scan and control level, ensuring you know exactly what is required and when it's required.