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Get the only Risk Management Framework platform tailor-made for secure, agile and compliant Continuous Delivery
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Introducing TRACER, an innovative tool that simplifies the ATO compliance process and reduces documentation, deployment, and enhancement timelines from months to minutes.
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Continuous authorizations are harder because you have to have an ecosystem and a support structure that allows you to see in real-time, understand the system, and get insight into changes — and that ecosystem doesn’t exist inside the DoD.
- DanIEL Holtzman, Authorizing Official (AO), DOD Chief Digital & Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), Office of the Secretary of Defense
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Compliance is essential.
TRACER makes it easy.
Securing the average software Authorization To Operate (ATO) consumes 18 months, demands over $2 million in expenditures, and is stale upon granting. The results are antiquated software and vulnerabilities in critical information systems.

Enter TRACER - start building scaleable, iterable, and agile software systems without sacrificing security and compliance.
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Deliver secure applications faster - focus on innovation, not paperwork
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Scale your system with reusable and inheritable components
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Continuously monitor your system in real-time and address vulnerabilities as they emerge
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It can take an estimated 4,200 workforce hours for companies to receive an ATO, with much of the effort due to manual review and transcription of documentation.
- M. Donkin, AWS GovCloud

The TRACER Solution - Streamline the RMF Process and eliminate complexity to:

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Organize procedures - as a guide through NIST 800-53 controls with implementation by application
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Create actionable tasks - specific to your ticketing system
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Automate evidence management - for the collection and organization of evidence to effortlessly prove compliance
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TRACER is built for application owners across government and commercial agencies who are committed to continuously delivering secure outcomes in production for the most critical missions.
TRACER addresses the entire RMF lifecycle, from developers and assessors through system managers and authorizing officials.
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Enjoy a modern interface that rivals commercial solutions, specifically tailored for government and defense needs
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Maintain complete control over your data -  TRACER can deploy on-premise, keeping everything secure within your data and network boundaries
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To manage unique security requirements, TRACER allows you to define custom controls with clear procedures for consistency across your team
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For the numerous defense organizations that use eMASS, TRACER offers integration to synch data bi-directionally with the right service account credentials
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Know, Do and Show the compliance work with TRACER.
Learn how TRACER can help you ship game-changing software.