Core Beliefs Of Rise8

By Rise8

Beliefs about the people, practices, processes, platforms, path-to-production, and products that are going to deliver value to your organization.

By Rise8


At Rise8, we have beliefs around people, practice, and processes that are at the core of our digital transformation and implementing things like platform path-to-production and, ultimately, the products that you’re going to build that are going to deliver value to your organization.


Digital transformation starts with people, the ones that you already have. Most organizations don’t need help bringing in additional talent, they really just need help getting out of its way. We’re experts at coming in and helping your organization create learning environments where employees with growth mindsets can learn, grow, thrive, and produce the products and platforms that are going to fuel your digital transformation.


At Rise8, we emphasize three main practices: lean product management, user-centered design, and extreme programming. When balanced properly, these contribute to an effective and healthy DevSecOps culture. We also think about leadership as a meta practice of any discipline, and we incorporate it into our engagements from day one.


From pre-kickoff to day two operations, we help you craft processes that create value and eliminate waste while taking into account your unique domain context. The system of work has to have alignment and it has to have flow in order to achieve continuous delivery, where changes can be made quickly, safely, and in a sustainable way. We’ll help you test your assumptions and measure what matters to ensure that you’re making measurable progress towards the outcomes you care about.


When it comes to platform, many organizations are learning that if you don’t rent or buy a portion of this stack, you have to build it yourself. And with building it yourself comes operating it and maintaining it both on day one and on day two. That can be very costly for organizations early in their transformation. This work is often below the value line. Should you build, buy or rent? And if you buy, should you go with a managed service offering or should you manage it yourself? We can help you make sense of the platform space and make the right choice for your domain.


Regardless of where you land on platform, it’s incredibly important to own your own compliant path-to-production. We have experience building automation with a focus on quality, security, and compliance in some of the most regulated and bureaucratic organizations. Delay is its own form of risk and the cost is high. In the DoD, it’s often measured in lives.


At Rise8, we believe in products, not projects, because software is never done. We believe that it is possible to create a tomorrow where fewer bad things happen because of bad software. Pair with us to transform how the government builds and delivers software.