Rapid Resolution Workshop

Are you a leader in the federal government responsible for purchasing, building, or maintaining critical software systems?

Whether you're facing technology challenges, are unclear about core issues, or seeking effective solutions, our 90-minute workshop is designed specifically for you.

Transform Your Risk Management with the cATO Playbook

Mini Discovery & Framing


Why This Workshop?

Systematic Problem Solving

    Our expert-led session will help you identify your most critical problem across people, process, or technology.


    Identify a solution to effectively solve your unique problem. 


    Dive deep beyond symptoms; blow past ineffective meetings and frustrating team dynamics to accelerate your success.


    Walk away with a clear path to efficiently achieve outcomes.


    Discover prevailing industry practices in accordance with FAR Part 10.

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“This is the most engaged my team has ever been on this topic. This shows tremendous buy-in from them and I hate to squash that. Even if we don’t get to all of the topics, this is really good. I am watching my “prior resistant” team members start to embrace this AND start to own it.”
- Project stakeholder

Meet Your Facilitators

Brian Jennings
design practice lead

Brian has been coaching organizations in agile software development since 2013. He was the design lead for team Metroid, the first application in Section 31, USSF.

Sagar Akre
sr. product designer

Since 2019, Sagar has specialized in enhancing delivery practices across health, consumer, and gov tech. Through facilitation, he has helped public & private organizations achieve rapid, sustainable improvements.

Rise8 transforms the way organizations build, deploy, and utilize complex, critical software. At Rise8, we focus on outcomes or the changes in human behavior that drive mission or business results to bridge the gap between outputs (a new feature) and impacts (the result it generates). Our promise is real, rapid, reliable outcomes in production.


Who is this workshop for?

Leaders who are responsible for buying, building, or maintaining software in the federal government.

Can my team attend?

Yes! This workshop is geared towards solving the problems your team is facing. Bring anyone who may have insights, though we recommend groups of no more than eight individuals.

Is this workshop in person or remote?

This workshop is fully remote, allowing for flexibility in scheduling and getting you rapid results. 

What is the format?

This 90-minute workshop is interactive and uses an online collaboration tool that will be provided for you.

Is this workshop private or will there be other participants outside of my team?

Our Rise8 facilitator and co-facilitator will be the only other participants outside of your team. This will allow you to talk freely about the problem you are workshopping. If needed, Rise8 will submit an NDA before the workshop.

What is the application process to get a spot?

Once you submit an application, you will book a discovery call to ensure our workshop is the right fit for your needs. Immediately following the discovery call, we will coordinate scheduling between your team and ours.

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Rapid Resolution Workshop

Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized experience. Submit your request now and take the first step towards reinvigorating your processes and elevating your people and teams.