Transform Risk Management with the cATO Playbook

In today's fast-paced digital world, agility and security are paramount. The cATO Playbook ushers in a revolutionary approach, merging Continuous Delivery with the Risk Management Framework (CD-RMF), to streamline your operations while bolstering security. Discover how to navigate the complexities of continuous authority to operate (cATO) and drive your organization forward.

Transform Your Risk Management with the cATO Playbook

Vision & Strategy Accelerator

Why Download the cATO Playbook?

Innovative Risk management
Learn how to integrate continuous delivery into your risk management strategy, improving security postures and operational efficiency.
Streamline Processes
Break through the myths surrounding RMF and unlock agile, streamlined processes for your team.
Expert Guidance
Gain insights from the pioneers of cATO, with actionable strategies and real-world applications to transform your approach to risk management.
Drive Efficiency and Security
Understand how continuous delivery can reduce costs, increase transparency, and deliver unparalleled value to your organization and end-users.

What's Inside?

Comprehensive Framework
A step-by-step guide to implementing cATO, from understanding the essentials to executing a tailored strategy.
Practical Plays
Access to a series of "plays" designed to navigate risks, enhance team skills, and leverage technology for continuous improvement.
Real-World Insights
Dive into the evolution of cATO, debunk common myths, and understand the legislation and standards shaping risk management today.
Systematic Problem Solving

Playbook Authors

Straight from the Experts,, the cATO Playbook is written by key leaders in Continuous Delivery.

Rob & Bryon had to significantly modify Rise8's internal playbook to make it applicable to a wider audience, and attempted to find balance with how deep to go on basics, as well as how much NIST documentation to rehash

Bryon Kroger
Bryon Kroger
Founder & CEO

Bryon is considered the pioneer of cATO having successfully launched the first ever cATO inside the DoD at Kessel Run

Rob Monroe
Product Leader at Rise8

Rob is a driving force behind achieving Continuous Delivery at Boeing and the first ever cATO outside of the DoD with VA Lighthouse

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cATO Playbook v1

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